Our studio is here to help you build out your big, beautiful dreams without a crazy big budget or learning every skill in the book.

As entrepreneurs we pride ourselves on wearing all the hats, CEO, COO, CMO, photographer, production, designer, etc.

But what if we could make things a little bit easier on ourselves by thinking like a true CEO?

Hire out amazing, talented people to do the things that just aren’t in our wheelhouse.


But what if we don’t have that CEO budget? And we can’t afford these amazing people?

Source beautiful, on brand stock, that’s immediately at your fingertips.

Be the CEO that…

1. Builds a stunning brand
2. Remains in budget
3. Has time to build out a strategy & truly grow their business
    Ready to start “hiring” out your team? Shop what you need below!



    Hey, I’m Kristen, the designer, stylist, & photographer behind this stock studio!

    I wanted to create a place where creatives could purchase everything they’d need to build a beautiful brand without breaking the bank. I’m talking EVERYTHING. Stock photography, videography, logos & brands, website templates, education, iconography, the works! 

    But building these big, beautiful dreams takes time, and instead of keeping all of these stunning images to myself while I built out the rest, I decided we’d launch one category at a time!

    So, use these images to start crafting your brand and making things a little bit easier on yourself. Because small business life is HARD, and there’s just no reason to add taking new photos for absolutely everything you produce to your list!

    When I’m not shooting & dreaming up all the things for the studio, you can find me working one-on-one with clients who want something a little more custom over at Kristen Fulchi Design Studio, exploring coffee shops with fellow creatives, or snuggled up on the couch with my hubby & sweet cat, Ollie, with a warm cup of coffee (or wine!) watching our favorite TV show, The Magicians.