25 Ways to Use Stock Photos in Your Business

Stuck on what to use your gorgeous, new stock photos for? We've drawn up the biggest list we could possibly think of to show you all the way you can make use of your beautiful new stock.

Ready? Let's Go!

  1. Website Banner Image
  2. Blog Post Image
  3. Welcome Guide
  4. Investment Guide
  5. Newsletters
  6. Resource Guide
  7. Pinterest Image
  8. Instagram Feed Post
  9. Instagram Stories Templates
  10. Facebook Post
  11. Facebook Banner Image
  12. YouTube Banner
  13. LinkedIn Banner
  14. Educational Courses
  15. Workbooks
  16. Etsy banner Image
  17. On your website to break up long text
  18. Back of a business card
  19. Packaging Inserts
  20. Brochure
  21. Postcards
  22. Webinars
  23. Portfolio (display websites, graphic design work, art!)
  24. Announce a Sale
  25. Landing Page

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